Scorecard and Local Rules

Welcome to Whalley Golf Club, an excellent 6,169 yd (Par 72) course with a fine reputation in the area, complemented by the excellent teaching of our highly regarded golf professional, Nikki Foster.


It is a parkland course with beautifully matured trees, challenging holes and wonderful views of the Ribble Valley.
Alterations have been made over many years adding to the interest and difficulties for today’s golfer, including water hazards, strategically placed bunkers and tree-lined fairways.

Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds: Rule 18.2

(i) In or beyond any fence or wall bounding the course.
(ii) In or beyond the grip alongside the wood at No’s 2 & 11.
(iii) To the right of holes 6 and 15 as defined by white posts.
(iv) On or over the road alongside the 8th/17th green. A line from the back of the 8th/17th green, extending along the bank and trees surrounding the ground staff’s area to the clubhouse garden wall, as defined by white posts.
(v)  The car park and the grounds of the clubhouse.

2. Yellow Penalty Areas: Rule 17.1d

The pond and its banks at No’s 9 & 18.

3. Red Penalty Areas: Rule 17.1d

(i)   The ditch at the left of holes 2 and 11 above the out of bounds defined in 1.ii.
(ii)  The ditch adjacent to the wall on holes 2 and 11.
(iii) The depression to the left of the green at holes 4 and 13.

4. Paths
All paths on the course even if not artificially-surfaced are treated as immovable obstructions from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.

5. Staked Trees & Daffodils

Relief must be taken, without penalty. Rule 16.1.

6. Tree Roots

If a player’s ball in the general area has interference from tree roots in the fairway or in the rough, free relief is available. Rule 16.1b (Abnormal Course Condition).  Interference DOES NOT exist if the tree roots only interfere with a player’s stance.

7. Steps In Bunkers At Holes 9 & 18. 

These are defined as immovable course furniture and are not part of the bunker therefore relief can be taken without penalty outside the bunker in accordance with Rule 16.1.

8. Stone Bridges/Walls

(i) All stone bridges are to be considered integral parts of the course; therefore free relief is not allowed. Rule 8.
(ii) Ha-ha stone wall across holes 2 and 11 is to be considered as an integral part of the course: therefore free relief is not allowed. Rule 8.
(iii) At holes 3 and 12 the stone wall is to be considered as an immovable obstruction, therefore relief may be taken without penalty in accordance with Rule 16.1.
(iv)  On holes 7 and 16: the three examination covers, the stone steps and the two walls supporting the steps are to be considered as an immovable obstruction, therefore relief may be taken without penalty in accordance with Rule 16.1.

9.  No Play Zones

(i)  On holes 5 and 14 and holes 7 and 16.
Beyond the roped area is a No Play Zone that is to be treated as an Abnormal Course Condition.  DO NOT ENTER to retrieve golf ball.  Free relief must be taken from the reference point of entry, no nearer the hole. Rule 16.1f.