Message from the President
(Not Abraham Lincoln as one Junior thought I was who played in the Junior President’s Competition the following Day!!!)

I would just like to thank everyone who sent cards and “Good Wishes” and actually playing golf on my President’s Day on the 20th June. Looking at the weather first thing that morning might have “Put Off” the early starters, but it didn’t and I thank you so much for playing.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone at the “Halfway House” especially all the new members who probably hadn’t a clue who I was!!! but, if nothing else, I will be remembered for Amy’s Sausage Rolls!!!. Many thanks also to Ann Pollard and Lesley Lohou for all their help during the day, Lorna couldn’t have managed without them.

I was thrilled that so many members came to the Presentation and meal in the evening and the warmth and support from everyone was wonderful to experience and that special feeling we all have when we come to Whalley Golf Club. We seem to be doing things right. Let us hope we have turned a corner and new members who have never been will be able to experience and enjoy everything we have to offer on and off the course.

I am sure Captain and Lady Captain will have the same support that I had and I wish them “Good Luck” on their special days and fingers crossed that the weather is kind for them.