President’s Day win for Tony.

Whalley held President’s Day on Sat 20th and John Slinger and family didn’t disappoint.
The weather tried to dampen the spirits but with the President’s wife and daughter Lorna and Amy in the half way house serving complimentary drinks and snacks, the day was never going to be a failure.
President John Slinger presented a fantastic winners table with several prizes to be won.
Overall winner was Tony Moore with 41pts with the Ladies prize going to Agnes Seery 39 pts, best Gentleman Mike Conroy 40 pts.
Spot prizes went to the following winners:
Best front nine Stephen Green 21 pts
Best back nine Peter Seavers 22 pts
Nearest the line on the 8th Peter Fletcher
Nearest the pin on the 18th Alan Strange
Mystery prize, combined scores of two family members went to Captain Roger Lee and his wife Viv.
The biggest cheer of the night went to Herbie Slone who received the veteran’s award.
Two’s on the day shared by nine members.
The excellent day was completed by Julia Duffy and Staff serving up a lovely meal followed by entertainment.
Thanks from all who took part to John, Lorna and Amy.