Results of Ladies Open – July 4th 2019

st Prize – 96 points – Anne Prior, Jean Sanderson, Maureen Byrom, Margaret Calvert

nd Prize – 94 points – Allison Nuttall, Hazel Sellars, Maria Bland, Jan Walsh

rd Prize – 92 points – Joan Whittaker, Jane Boxall, Cath Liwosz, Janet Wild

Ladies Reverse Waltz Results – August 1st 2019



1st prize – Brenda Griffith, Julie Singh and Ann Riley (Wilpshire).


2nd Prize – Shirley Palich, Carol Ashley and Judith Harrison (Accrington).


3rd prize – Annie Lavis, Kathryn Barrett (Accrington) and Sheila Hartwell (Accrington).


Visitors’ prize – Sue Gibson, Jan Catterall and Mary McAuley, all from Pleasington.