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Ladies’ Competition Results




Turkey Shoot 30 November 

winners with 42 points: H Sellars, L Clegg & J Walsh                                                              Visitors Team Prize with 38 points:  D Scholes,  C Burrolds & R Towler

Spring Open Competition

Last Thursday Whalley Ladies held their first Open of the year. The Spring Open comprises of two nine hole Stableford competitions . Teams were made up of four with two scores to count. The morning competition , which was sponsored by Trapp Forge of Simonstone, was won by J Whittaker from Whalley Golf Club, J Shorrock, A Monaghan and K Lowell who are from Rossendale Golf Club and they had a score of 43 points. The Ladies who played in the morning enjoyed a delicious lunch and were presented with their prizes .

The afternoon competition, which was sponsored by LouLou’s meringues from Whalley, was won by a team from Bolton Golf Club with an amazing 53 Points. The afternoon competitors were treated to afternoon tea and also presented with their prizes.

Everybody enjoyed the day, and thanks go to Trapp Forge and LouLou’s Mergingues for sponsoring the event .


For Handicap Qualifying Competition Results see HowDidIdo.


Mon 11  Apl   v Clitheroe (A)     Draw 2.5 and 2.5
Wed 27 Apl   v Wilpshire (A)    Draw 2.5 and 2.5
Mon 16 May  v Wilpshire (H)   Win 4 and 1
Fri 27  May    v  Turton (A).       Win 4 and 1
Mon 13  Jun  v  Clitheroe (H).   Win 3 and 2
Mon 20 Jun  v Bury (A).             Win 4 and 1
Mon 27 Jun   v Bury (H).            Win 3.5 and 1.5
M0n 4  July   v Turton (H)         Win 5 and 0


Wed 13 Apl  v Accrington (A)     Lost 5 and 2
Mon 25 Apl  v Rossendale (H)   Win 5.5 and 1.5
Wed 4  May  v Pleasington (H)  Lost 4.5 and 2.5
Wed 18 May v Pleasington (A)   Lost 4.5 and 2.5
Mon 23 May v Darwen (H)         Draw
Wed 8 June  v Accrington (H)    Lost 5 and 2
Tue 14 June  v Rossendale (A)    Lost 4.5 and 2.5
Mon 20 Jun  v Darwen (A)          Lost 4.5 and 2.5

Ladies AGM

The Ladies of Whalley Golf Club hosted their Annual General Meeting and Prize presentation evening when all the achievements of the last 12 months were honoured.
Outgoing Lady Captain Margaret Calvert is pictured (right/left ?) presenting the new Lady Captain , Karen Thompson with the badge of office.
The Ladies were served a delicious dinner by the in house catering staff, prize winners were congratulated and all who had helped throughout the year were thanked. Margaret also announced that £2500 pounds had been raised for her chosen charity The Alzheimer’s association.
Greenwood Cup, Jean Sanderson,
Longworth Cup, Helen Hamer,
Winter League, Karen Thompson,
Past Captains Rosebowl, Anne Prior,
Veterans Cup, Joyce Andrew,
Hi-Task Gross, Agnus Flanagan,
Hi Task Nett, Alison Nuttall,
Celia Porter Trophy, Cathy Haworth
Lady Captains Charity, Viv Birtwell
Margaret Lightfoot Trophy, Joan Whittaker,
Match Play Doubles, Jean Sanderson and Maggie Harvey,
High Handicap Trophy, Ann Hudson,
Handicap Reduction, Wendy Green
Captains Prize Hazel Sellars,
Birdie Tree, Eclectic & Silver Medal Cup were won by Joan Whittaker.

The Pansy Competition – the last Competition of the season – was won by Marilyn Bulcock, Karen Thompson and Margaret Calvert.


Open Team of 3 – Waltz time – 4th August

Winners with 72 on a card play off were: Sue Howard (Dunscar), Judith Lydon (Bolton Old Links) and Carol Howard (Deane). Second were: Janet Lassey, Gemma Vickery and Dot Phillips from Settle and third were: Bev Dodd, Alyson Monaghan and Josie Cordey with 71 points.

July Open Team Competition. (9 holes)

July open team event, sponsored by ‘Goldilocks’, was won by a team from Lobden – Lesley Eastern, Ann Gibbons, Janice Crimes & Jean Gill – with 44points. Second with 42 points were Carol Ashley, Anne Prior and Sue Cartledge. Third place went to Karen Thompson, Alison Nuttall, Hazel Sellars and Gail Ainsworth.

Thursday 30th June – Bramble.  Winning team: A. Prior, V. Birtwell and S. Palich with 81 points.

Thursday 9 June – South African Scramble. Winning team: J. Sanderson, M. board, F. Gierat and M. Harvey with 219 points.

Thursday 2 June – Handicap Shield & Annie Chambers Qualifier. Agnes Seery won the Handicap Shield with a nett 69 points whilst Viv Patterson qualified for the Annie Chambers Competition With 23 points.

Thursday 26 May – High Handicap Trophy winner Ann Hudson with 33points. Maria Bland won the subsidiary Compedition.

Thursday 19th May – ladies Spring Open Team event was a 9 hole shotgun sponsored by ‘Cloud 9’ from Whalley. Winners of the morning competition were: Joan Whittaker, Julie Stephenson, Alison Monaghan and Janet Shorrock with a score of 47points. The afternoon competition was won by Rishton and Pleasington players: Marion Rae, Janet Hopkins, Christine Darling and Jen Farrington with a score of 44points.

Thursday 5th May – Scott Leggatt Foursomes Qualifier. Pam Strange & Sally Blenkinship 33points, Carol Ashley & Joan Whittaker 31 points, Bridget Rees & Julie Stevenson 29points.

Thursday 14th April – 5 Club Competition.  Winners: A. Nuttall, J. Seavers and J. Eastwood with 72points.

Thursday 7th April – Lady Captain’s v Lady Secretary’s Match.  Lady Captain’s team won 4.5-3.5

Thursday 31st March – Lady Captain’s Drive-in – Stableford team,  2 scores to count over 9 holes. The winners were: Cathy Haworth, Maria Bland, Betty Rostron and Marion Chambers.


Thursday 22nd October – “Pansy Competition” Stableford – 2 scores to count over 9 holes. The winners were Linda Rhodes, Margaret Calvert and Karen Thompson with 39 points.

Thursday 15th October – Yellow Ball Competition was won by Shirley Palich, Viv Lee, Allsion Nuttall and Hazel Sellars. The highest score for the Yellow Ball with 36 points was Team Jean Sanderson, Maggie Harvey, Karen Thompson and Cathy Haworth.

Thursday 1st October – E.G.U. Medal was won by Lady Captain Margaret Breakell 104-34=70, 2nd was Immediate Past Lady Captain Sally Blenkinship 103-27=76 and 3rd Anne Prior O.B.E. 102-25=77. Gloria Bentley came first in the Stableford Competition with 39 points

LADIES’ INVITATION – Thursday 24th September

On Thursday the 24th September the Ladies of Whalley hosted their Autumn Invitation Day. The format this year was a Texas Scramble. The winning team was Margaret Calvert (Lady Captain) and Karen Thompson from Whalley alongside Bev Dodd from Rossendale and Kath Townley from Clitheroe with 70-6.3-63.7, closely followed by Allison Nuttall and Hazel Sellers from Whalley and Jan Walsh from Clitheroe and Jan Ferguson from Colne with 74-9.3-64.7 and in third place Joan Whittaker and Trish Marshall from Whalley and Sandra Baron and Linda Symons from Great Harwood with 77-8.4-68.6.

Thursday 3rd September – Captain’s Prize – Individual Stableford – Winner with 39 points was Margaret Calvert. Joan Whittaker came runner up with 36 points. Janet Taylor came third with 35 points on a card playoff from Alison Nuttall.

Thursday 28th August – Celia Porter Trophy – Individual Stableford -Winner was Alison Nuttall with 36 points. Julie Stephenson was second with 35 points beating Hazel Sellars into third place on a card playoff.

Thursday 20th August -Maggie Harvey won the 18 hole competition with 98-23-75 ; Ann Pollard came second with 101-26-75 and Joan Whittaker was third with 95-18-77

Wednesday 19th August – Congratulations to the ladies who played in the Valley Trophy at Clitheroe on Wednesday 19th August. Ribble Valley Teams taking part were Clitheroe, Longridge, Stonyhurst Park and Whalley in Matchplay Format. The team partnerships for Whalley were:- Anne Prior O.B.E. and Wendy Green, Sally Blenkinship and Frances Gierat, Linda Rhodes and Gloria Bentley. Whalley scored 131 points – 7 points clear of Clitheroe. As winners, Whalley will host this annual event next year.

Thursday 13th August – EG Medal and Hi-Task Competition (36 holes, both rounds as qualifiers). The winner of the medal round was Cathy Haworth with 105-35-70 , from Hazel Sellars 99-25-74 , and Margaret Calvert 95-20-75. The winner of the Hi-Task Gross was Margaret Calvert with scores of 95 and 99. Hazel Sellars won the Hi-Task Net with scores of 74 and 73. Jenny Stewart came first in the 18 hole Stableford Competition.

Thursday July 16th the ladies competed in a Medal competition and Past Lady Captain’s Rose Bowl . The winner was Sue Madden with 102-28-74 ; second was Maggie Harvey with 97-22-75 and third was Maureen Board with 98-19- 79.
Wendy Green won the Past Lady Captain’s Rose Bowl with 109-30-79.
Thursday 9th July Joyce Andrew came 1st in the Lady Captain’s Charity Competition. She achieved two 2’s which helped towards her total score of 40 points. Second was Karen Thompson with 36 points and third on a card play-off was Pam Strange with 35 points. North West Air Ambulance is Lady Captain Margaret Breakell’s chosen charity and she would like to thank all who took part and made donations.

Thursday 25th June the ladies competed in the LLCGA Frances Smith Qualifier and EG Medal Round.The first and second places being closely contested on a card play off. First was Christine Thurston with 104-34-70, second was Cathy Haworth with 106-36-70 and third was Linda Rhodes with 101-28-73.
Linda Rhodes will go forward to the final at Penwortham Golf Club on Monday 24th August 2015


Thursday 20th August – Veterans’ Trophy over 13 holes and a Medal round. The winner of the Veterans’ Trophy was Viv Lee. Maggie Harvey won the 18 hole competition with 98-23-75 ; Ann Pollard came second with 101-26-75 and Joan Whittaker was third with 95-18-77 .

Thursday 29th July the Ladies played a Fun 3-Ball Team game. A reduced field engaged on an unusual format with all three scores to count on holes starting with F or T (First, Third…..) and only one score to count on all the other holes (Second, Sixth…….). Lady Captain, Margaret Breakell was triumphant with playing partners Gloria Bentley and June Walmsley, scoring 66points.


Monday 13th April v Chorley (A) Won 5-2
Monday 20th April v Chorley (H) Won 4-3
Monday 18th May v Pleasington (H) Won 5-2
Wednesday 10th June v Pleasington (A) Lost 6-1
Wednesday 24th June v Bury (A) Lost 2-5
Friday 26th June v Harwood (A) Lost 1.5-5.5
Monday 29th June v Bury (H) Won 5.5-1.5
Friday 3rd July v Harwood (H) Won 4-3

Congratulations Girls. You were 2nd in your league. Harwood were winners.


Friday 17th April v Chorley (A) Lost 1.5-3.5
Wednesday 22nd April v Bury (H) Won 4-1
Wednesday 29th April v Darwen (H) Won 3-2
Monday 11th May v Bury (A) Won 3.5-1.5
Wednesday 20th May v Chorley (H) Won 3.5-1.5
Wednesday 27th May v Darwen (A) Lost 4-1
Wednesday 10th June v Pleasington (A) Lost 1.5-3.5
Monday 6th July v Pleasinton (A)


Includes teams from Clitheroe ; Longridge ; Stonyhurst ; Whalley
Wednesday 19th August @ Clitheroe Golf Club