RYAN PEEL  Head Greenkeeper 

Ryan is a local lad having grown up in Clitheroe, with a keen interest in most sports and having played football for Whalley Juniors.

He started working as a Greenkeeper at Mytton Fold GC at the age of 24. He quickly became aware  of the love of working outdoors with a keen eye for detail. Realising he wanted to be more than just an assistant, he now had the ambition to be ‘head man’.

To achieve this he needed to go to college and study the soil science side of course management. At just 26 years old he was sponsored to be an R&A scholar on a 3 year course at Myerscough College, studying from September to April each year and May to August widening his knowledge by working full time in Sweden at Huvundstandens GC. He left college with distinctions and the knowledge to become a Head Greenkeeper/Course Manager.

He then started as a temporary greenkeeper at Whalley and felt that the course had really been neglected for years. He considered that this was not because people didn’t care but that there was a lack of knowledge and understanding of what is needed to maintain a golf course and especially golf greens. The post of Head Greenkeeper became available in the summer of 2013 and he, with others, was interviewed to fill it. Being offered the post he took on the challenge to turn the course around.

On a monthly basis he will be writing a brief report on what has been going on on the course the previous month. Green keepers often have to react to changing situations, not least the weather, so it is easier to inform of what has been done rather than what is intended to be done.

These reports will be posted on the ‘Greens Reports’ section.

Note also that weekly bulletins of intended work for the following week appear on the bottom right of the home page.