Custom fitting is a must!

From beginners sets, intermediate, to the top of the range offerings from the games leading brands.

Don’t buy equipment that isn’t suitable for you, it will hamper your progress and very likely cause swing faults to develop!

As a qualified P.G.A professional I think it is very important that your golf clubs allow you to play to the best of your ability.

Having your golf clubs custom fitted cuts out the guess work of which golf clubs work for you. By working together with me (on static fittings) or my fellow P.G.A professional Sam Punchard ,we will custom fit a unique set of golf clubs that suits you, your game and your budget perfectly.

All GCQuad fittings are done in the swing room atClitheroe Golf Club using the latest technology from Foresight Sports.

Static fittings are done at Whalley GC.

Custom Fitting Whalley

Benefits of Custom Fitting

Your clubs specifications will help you improve particular problem areas of your game that you have highlighted.
Your golf clubs should be made to suit your build, strength, ability and swing characteristics.
By answering specific questions your golf clubs will be made to play and feel perfect for you.
Any combination of clubs are available. Your set make up will compliment your game and the golf course.
Your existing golf clubs can be checked, free of charge, and altered where necessary.

The price for and altering the loft and lie of irons is £7 per club.This modest outlay can make a huge difference to the performance of your clubs and the quality of your play.

A full range of club repairs and re-grips is also available.

To discuss any equipment enquires please contact me on 01254 824766 or